Multicultural Creative International Management Consultant
And  Leading
 Global Educator Who Transferred Knowledge
Into Value for 49 Years In 
72 Countries to 293 Clients having
Participants in 452 Workshops & Graduated  3925 BBA
MBA and E M B A Students.Also Conducted 112  Mandates
Focusing On the Critical Future  Challenges of  Governance
Innovation, Globalization, Growth,Change and Technology

Fellow Institute of Leadership & Management
Chartered Fellow British Computer Society
Fellow Institute of Directors

 Excellence 1968-2017

Algeria Argentina Austria Bahrain Bahamas Belgium Belarus Bosnia Brazil Bulgaria 
  Canada Czech China Croatia Cyprus Denmark Ecuador Estonia Egypt England Finland
France Germany Ghana Greece Holland Hungary India Iran Iraq Ireland Italy Japan 
 Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kuwait  Lebanon Libya Lithuania Luxembourg  Malaysia 
Maldives Mexico Monaco Morocco Nigeria Oman Pakistan  Palestine Panama Peru 
Poland Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Scotland Senegal Serbia Singapore Slovakia
 Spain Syria  Sweden  Switzerland Thailand Togo Turkey  Tunisia  United Arab Emirates
 United States of America


Professor Marwan Stambuli, International Consultant and Global Educator -